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Tropical Leaves

Our Story

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Our story begins freshman year of architecture school at Southern Polytechnic State University back in 2006. We were both young and just finding our way through life when we met each other that warm summer morning sketching on the steps of the Architecture building on campus. Neither of us knew what God had in store for us both over the next 13 years. We instantly had a magnetic connection making each other laugh and being completely comfortable in each others company. After that day we began dating on and off getting to know each other and ourselves.  Many of our friends believed we would be together forever, however, college life took us through a series of ups and downs and twists and turns which led to us eventually going our separate ways after Graduating. 

Fast forward 8 years later and we are both working in midtown Atlanta only a block away from each other but have no idea.  One day Jereme drives past Angela's office and sees her outside walking from lunch. Jereme quickly looks her up on Instagram and notices she is working with a previous colleague. Jereme reaches out and Angela invites him over to see the new office. When we least expected it God helped our paths to cross and we found our way back to one another.  It took us both by surprise, one random meeting would change our lives forever.  There we were smiling at each other like no time had passed at all. It became clear that day that we were always meant for one another. 

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